What kind of services can you expect from us? There are a number of things we specialise in, using certain tools that we love to use; in which we can guarantee high software quality. The things we specialize in are as follows:

  • Online solutions
  • Mobile development
  • Consulting
  • Code analysis

Online solutions

Web design, development or ecommerce, we create the online solution that fit your exact needs. From providing a face to your business to a completely custom made web application, we are able to fulfill your needs. Years of experience in building online solutions has made us experts in creating functional, high-quality web software.

The platforms we've used used for customers that went before you are among others: Python, PHP (with or without Zend Framework), Java using SpringMVC or Hippo CMS and Ruby on Rails.

If your favorite environment is not listed, don't hesitate to ask us for more information about it.

Mobile development

More and more companies not only desire presence online, but also see the need for a mobile application, or mobile version of their website. People using their mobile phone to browse the web will get the best mobile web-experience for your company.

We can provide a mobile version of your website, or a custom-made mobile application using the Android platform.


Sometimes you just need someone to think along with you. Someone that will give you sound advice you can stand by. We listen, ask the right questions and provide you with the help you need. We take pride in keeping up to date with technologies that matter. That, in combination with our way of extracting information from you, we provide advice that will get you to where you need to be!

Code analysis and assessment

That something works, really doesn't mean it has been developed properly. It might be a mess to maintain or extend upon. Sometimes you need to know what the quality is of the code that has been developed by your employees in order to make informed decisions about the future.

We have years of experience analyzing hundreds of thousands of lines of code. We have the tools and know-how to determine with blackbox and whitebox testing, the code quality and maintainability. We can give you detailed reports on your applications, give advice on how to improve them or even solve the issues ourselves.